Who really is behind Volumio's team?

Hi, I would like to ask a question about Volumio’s team. I read everywhere people giving thanks to the team for the wonderful work, but I see that the only active team member here in the forum is mikelangeloz. It seems to me that he’s the only active developer of Volumio. Am I wrong?

I took a look at the credits and I found out that the web interface was made by two guys, but they don’t collaborate to this project anymore (and they are continuing the development under a new project called RuneAudio: runeaudio.com/ ).

Please don’t get me wrong… I’m currently using Volumio and I like it. But as I would like to contribute with my skills and with a small donation, I prefer to know who is really behind that huge work. In my opinion it’s the web interface that makes the huge gap between Volumio and other MPD based distributions. Who made it had a brilliant idea and deserves my gratitude.



As Pink used to say… “Is there anybody out there?:unamused:

You pretty much answered it! In the raspify project they all worked together and for whatever reason the team split into two projects. I’m hoping to contribute what I can to Volumio. I don’t want to get into arch Linux right now so I’m not too interested in rune audio.

Same here. Learning Debian can be time-consuming enough. Why dig into Arch if volumio works well ?

Although i prefer Archlinux for my Desktop system, to be honest i always choose between debian and centos for server purposes.

I really appreciate the hard work of Michelangelo and I am sure that in the near future new contrubutors will be added to Volumio project. I see here in this forum lots of high knowledge members and i strongly believe that some of them will someday be a part of this project!

Hi, sorry for late reply!
So, everything you said is correct. I started RaspyFi more than a year ago, just to share. Then things went bigger and bigger. After some months ACX and ORION wrote me and asked to collaborate. They developed the WebUi, which came out in september 2013, with RaspyFi 1.0.
I agree with you: it’s a brilliant work, and its a big part of RaspyFi (and Volumio) awesomeness.
Then they left the project. That was for some strange human dynamics I now know. I already said that I was really deluded by that dynamics. I am now continuing the development of it, as well with all other parts of the project, pursuing the road I was hoping for RaspyFi.
The RaspyFi team was made also by another member, Buscia, which helped out with hergonomics and Design. He is still in, so Volumio is actually made by me and Buscia, who cares about the hestetic part of it.
So, 90% of the work is made by me. But that doesn’t mean Volumio is a one man team.
After the collaboration with ACX and Orion I understood that I want this project as a collective outcome, there should not be teams (where personal reasons could overcome the product of the work). So now what you get is something that everyone is contributing.
There’s Diego Tafuto, for example, that is developing a great app. Then you may see that on github there are lots of commits by different people. If you downloaded 1.1 beta, you are already enjoying the work of lot of people. So Volumio is made by a team that is not a team in strict terms, what unites us is the passion for coding, music and shared knowledge.
I tell you. Now I’m putting a tremendous effort on it, and I must admit this project is giving me back more than what I put into it. And my hope is that Volumio will survive its creator.
If you want to donate to it, your time, your money, your brain cells. Then you are part of the “thing”. And that’s the point.
And even if now Volumio is receiving also commercial attentions, and it will also feature some commercial products, I strongly want its soul to stay free, open source and most of all driven by passion. Hope I replied as good as your question deserved
Lol, how much I wrote!

Volumio is receiving commercial attention… Volumio is free for installation in commercial products?

Thanks for Volumio and the passion that you and other people put on it.

I’m back… Hi michelangelo, thanks for your reply. Now I have a more clear idea about the specific credits of all this huge work.

My concern was about the UI, because I think it’s that part that makes the HUGE difference between all the others audio-oriented linux distros. Both Volumio and RuneAudio wouldn’t be so extraordinary without their UI. I think that the idea behind it it’s brilliant… a platform-agnostic web interface that works for both MPD client and system configurator! Who thought and realised it deserves full credits.
Are you going to continue with its development? If yes, which improvements are you going to introduce?

Anyway, to everybody talked about Debian vs Arch here: that was OT but, if you want my personal opinion… Arch Linux is a lot more powerful when you control it. It’s more customizable and its packet manager is clearly superior, so it could be the right tool for a distro with this purpouse.

Antwoord .
Without Mikelangeloz probably we have no Volumio and no runeaudio.
Your post seems to me a bit polemic.

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Hello Mikelangeloz,

thanks for your explanation. I think this program is great and I am enjoying it a lot !! It makes my R-Pi (i.c.w. HiFiBerry) a unique and nice streaming HiFi-system. Also I enjoy the nice GUI and the fact that it works like a charm in a browser-screen. Even on my Tablet I like to work with the GUI. Simple and fast. I whish I could use it for my Squeezebox Touch as well (I am not very fond of that GUI).

Thanks again,


Hi Antwoord, yes I’m continuing its development already. Since first version of Volumio there are lots of functions that were missing before… I could just mention output selection, resampling frequency and method, debugged wi-fi management and some other…
I could also add that the fact the WebUi was coded by Rune’s guys, that doesn’t mean I didn’t had a part in the build of it…
But anyway, there’s more to come. I’m working on a better Shairport integration (output selection, shairport is making me mad lately…), spotify integration (complicated after the drop of despotify, very complicated if you don’t want just use mopidy), and real time multi room syncing.
The webui has to sit on a custom tailored system to work flawlessly and since now it’s multiplatform (so lots of variables involved) there are lots of things to be synced one to each other…

@MSH , sorry but there are no plans yet for a sq integration… Maybe some folks of the community could take part on that… But sorry, now I’m not… Prefer to focus my freetime in improving Volumio itself…

That’s a good news, I’ll keep an eye on its evolution.

@keres: there is no polemic intention here, I was just looking for information.