Which USB port to choose? DSF play problem

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.779
Hardware: raspberry pi 4 4GB
DAC: IFI Zen Dac

Hello everybody

I have recently purchased raspberry pi 4 4GB
to use volume.
I also purchased IFI Zen Dac.
I am new in this world I would have several
questions but I don’t know where to ask them.
Is it better to connect the DAC to USB 2 or 3?
Since I have an Audioquest 2 USB cable I connected the DAC to
this door.
It is recognized and works well I have not tried alternatives.
The DAC is USB 3, I use an external power supply.
I understand that volume does not read the ISO SACD.
I converted them to DSF.
Would it be better to convert them to DFF?
I use Sonore.
Play starts correctly but stops when I change tracks.
To restart it, I have to play a non-DSD track.
Everything is played in sequence if you don’t try to skip track or pause.
Pause does not allow playback to resume
Where can I find information on the possibility of using an SSD as a boot.

Thanks for your patience

If it were me, I’d connect the DAC to the USB 3 port. Faster can’t hurt surely.
Rip/convert your SACDs to DSF, it supports tags, DFF plays, but has no meta data, so you can’t get all the info in the file for your player to display, etc.
I’m not sure about your issue with DSD playback stopping after each track. It sounds like a bug, mine was fine last time I tried playing an album of DSF files.
The Volumio documentation is here:
I don’t know how to get Volumio to boot from an SSD on R Pi, but I don’t know why you’d want to do that anyway. Just create the SD card and boot from that. Store your music on the SSD.