Which Spotify plugin? Can they work together?

Hi all,

my family is a heavy Spotify user, therefore the whole Spotify experience is important to us.

My main use cases for Spoitify are

  1. Select & play Spotify albums on Volumio
  2. Hand off Spotify to another device
  3. Hand Spotify to Volumio from another device

I tried the “official” Spotify 2.0.2 plugin which enables local playback, but I can not see it as device in the regular Spotify app. Pulling a stream from Volumio to Alexa Echo is not possible. I also tested Volumio Spotify Connect2 0.9.9, but I kind of don’t see any change in Volumio, it does not show up in my Spotify app as device. I also installed latest version from Github, no difference.

I thought with installing both plugins I get best of both worlds and I could satisfy my use cases. Is that possible?


It should work (speaking for the connect plugin). Can you confirm that it doesn’t work also with direct login, i.e with multiuser disabled.

Also - logs always help figuring out what could be wrong…