Which powersupply in DigiOne player bundle

The DigiOne player bundle (https://volumio.org/product/allo-digione-player/) comes with a 5v powersupply. The question is which one? The standard Pi 5v PSU (what powerrating?) with micro-usb, the (assumed better) Allo 5v (3A ~ 15W) which normally has a DC jack and not micro-usb or another one?

As the Pi-3 is more powerhungry, especially when adding an external (better) Wifi module, having a good PSU is important. Even the type of wire used (and its AWG or thickness) plays a role with these low voltages and high amps.

Would be great to add some more (tech) details and some more images :slight_smile:

BTW: Also if you order the case on it’s own, there are some options available which are not given here :slight_smile: On purpose? Special reason?

Thx for any more details.