which myvolumio plans exist, which ones are desired

Hi i am a bit confused about myvolumio plan option information i found on this site.

Volumio Free
MyVolumio Virtuoso for 1 device and more options at 28,99€/y (&14day’s try)
MyVolumio Superstar for 6 devices and and even more options at 66,99€/y

on shop i found the primo including a :
MyVolumio Superstar lifetime plan for a value of 199€
(interesting, i like to see this separately)
also on shop i see a :
MyVolumio Premium Pack volumio.org/product/volumio-myv … emiumpack/
which includes a MyVolumio Virtuoso yearly coupon code (value of 28,99€)
(like to see this separately, too)

i wish to see also a MyVolumio Virtuoso 4 month coupon code for10€ (using as a gift).
and, 6 devices are sometimes to little. any idea for adding devices?
last but not least. how do we get coupon codes for apply in shop? (reviews?, …)
thanks for your work, j