Which Dac for an easy configuration ?

Hello Members ,

I search an cheap dac board , which i can easily configurate for the Raspberry Pi 3 through volumino. I know the steps to flash volumino and set an config.txt ,but is that all what are to do ? I heard anything about drivers that must be install.

For any help im really thankful (:

Your, -Lionom-

I’m not exactly sure what you mean.
Most of the DAC boards that are discussed here on this forum are supported out of the box by Volumio and can be enabled using tue WebUI - no need to edit config.txt or to install drivers.

If you are looking for a cheap DAC with the least possible configuration needed I’d recommend the Hifiberry DAC+ (costs around 35€ in Germany). You can flash its EEPROM once and use the DAC on every OS with a halfway recent Kernel without the need for configuration or even a reboot. See this blog entry: hifiberry.com/blog/flash-yo … iguration/

I tested this with my DAC+ Pro and it worked fine in LibreELEC - I could use the DAC+ Pro from first boot.

Thats dir your answer. I try my luck with the audiophonics dac .

I will not suggest the Audiophonics DAC. For those reasons:

  • No hardware volume control
  • Not ufficially supported

If you want the easiest setup possible, get either the Hifiberry DAC+ or IQAudioDAC+.
Simply connect them to the pi, turn it on and they will autoconfigure without the need to do anything

thanks , michelangelo

thats make sense.