Where to find Tidal Credentials for Paid MyVolumio

I signed up for paid MyVolumio yesterday but MyVolumio username and password do not work in My Music sign in page for Tidal and I have not received anything telling me what they should be.

MyVolumio credentials are for Myvolumio… You must use TIDAL credentials in the required field for TIDAL

Great, so how do I find the Tidal credentials? I only received a purchase receipt from MyVolumio, no Tidal credential information.

You have to subscribe to TIDAL. MyVolumio is just a way to play TIDAL in Volumio once you have a TIDAL account.

Okay, I was under the impression that a customized edition of Tidal was included in premium subscription. Thanks for making it clear. I once had a Tidal subscription, but canceled it because I could not till much of a difference between my Pandora or Spotify premium streams. Guess I will have to figure out what other features justify paid MyVolumio.
A. B.