where the Artist picture are taken?

where Volumio is taken the Picture for the Artist?
In my case quit offen it is wrong personon showing up.
Or there should be a Option like to have 4 CD Cover showing up instand of a Person.
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I think that Volumio looks at your music source for album art, and if it can’t find any it attempts to retrieve it from the internet.

Search the forums, there are a number of recent posts about this subject.

all Album cover are added into the file in my case

why is volumio not taking the COVER from the FLAC-file but looking for them in the Internet?

OMG this has been explained so many times…
We take the covers from the internet ONLY when no pic has been found inside the folder.
For browsing artists and album we cannot know if there are pics in the folder, therefore we take them from the internet.
No ID3 albumart is taken, as this would cause major performance issue

why from the folder and not from the song file itself?
in my case all the Album cover are added into the file, it is much more easy to keep it and other software are extracting them from the file to to visualise it.

whats the meaning of “ID3 albumart”?

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