When will there be a decent integration with qobuz?

Hi all! Been trying play high-rez Qobuz on my okto dac8 through Volumio Premium service, but the app is almost unusable. How come you have to pay for an unfinished product? The search-function doesn’t work at all if you ask for both track name and artist. There is no intuitive way to go back from your present track to your playlist, search or whatever. Furthermore, after a while the app will switch randomly between tracks and stop halfway. I also doubt that is really the resolution shown on my dac being played, the difference vs vinyl is too large. The app should have as good an interface as either qobuz or spotify (forget Tidal…). Can anyone suggest a better solution to play Qobuz high-rez? I really don’t think it’s fair to ask people to pay for an unfinished product which is not even in the beta-stage.

thanks for your feedback.

The solution to this is to implement QOBUZ Connect (we are in touch with QOBUZ and asking to have this feature made available to us).
The Volumio UI is designed to work with ALL streaming services, so it has some standardized way of showing information, which I agree is limiting its usability.

Would you mind naming the top 3 things that you don’t like \ you are missing from the current implementation?

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Hi there! Thanks for a prompt answer. A connect app, like the spotify one, would be great. So the solution is to offer the qobuz connect, I’d willingly pay for that. Do let me know when it’s available. It’s a pity that Qobuz doesn’t help you out with this right away, it’s a plus for both Volumio and Qobuz.
As for the present interface, the things not working is: 1. Search - you get no answer when entering both track name and artist name, that should be just basic functionality. 2. how do you get back to your search, or your playlist, or the album when playing a track? You have to fiddle around and guess where it is, too often I end up having go back to the qobuz app in the UI, it’s really annoying and timewasting. 3. the app will after a while not play the track you choose, but somewhere down on my playlist, and then stop randomly.
My question remain, but a bit more clear now: when is the Qobuz connect available, do you have an approx date for the release? If not, what other services should I look for? Modee or other…

Hi, for bullet 1, how do you enter your search criteria, as it seems to work, even for more exotic tracks:

Hi Wheaten, I’ve been writing, without any quotation or similar, f e Youn Sun Nah calypso
no return whatsoever, and then for other tracks as well
Furthermore, in the top of the app you have to choose between album, tracks, artist and more, totally dissimilar to the original qobuz app, as well as spotify

just put it between quotes:

I don’t need to choose, between tracks or albums, it’s being display because track appears on multiple albums. with your example there is only one track, so it shows only this track.

I think this is API related as LMS shows the same behaviour, but there you need to open a group in order to find it, as it will only show you those 4 icons.