Whats the "favourite" field in Json responses for?

Hey, i’m wondering whats the favourite field in json responses for?

"navigation": {
				"items": [
						"type": "song",
						"title": "Päästä varpaisiin",
						"service": "qobuz",
						"trackType": "qobuz",
						"album": "Draaman kaari viehättää",
						"artist": "BEHM",
						"uri": "qobuz://song/101939159",
						"duration": 180,
						"track_number": 1,
						"albumart": "https://static.qobuz.com/images/covers/oa/j6/hakrzj2roj6oa_600.jpg",
						"favourite": false,
						"explicit": false,
						"audioQuality": "",
						"tagImage": ""

I would assume its to indicate if the song in example is added to qobuz favourites, and it indeed is, yet it says false, when i browse into the album which contains the song.

Have i interpreted the field incorrectly? (@volumio @mervinio)