What's the best Raspberry board?

My Raspberry 3 B+ died. But I wonder if my board died because I hadn’t any device to help with the heat. I love to listen to music for hours.

I am buying a new board, because I love Volumio, but I wonder which is the better board to not have the heating problem again. I just listen to music Flac/Mp3.

Raspberry Pi 4 runs hotter than RPI 3 but is a better streaming solution if you’re using the USB socket. (USB DACs often offer more performance than HAT DACs because they are are made in larger volume and are generally screened from interference). Solve the heat problem by using the FLIRC heatsink case which also protects the RPI4 and is quite neat.

I disagree. A properly powered (separate power for Digital and Analog sides) DAC HAT will outperform a USB DAC. I use Hifiberry DAC Pro with 2 separate linear power supplies (actually dual rail linear power supply). Sound is amazing.

The Hifiberry PRO DAC performance is reviewed below:

Compare with Topping D10s which is more expensive

But does not need a separate power supply and achieves substantially better performance.

You would be surprised to learn how many raspberry pi over the years stoppe working at Volumio :wink: It’s a fact of life: electronics sometimes die…
I would get a PI4 2GB, that’s the best value for money IMHO

Is this recommendation still the same with the latest developments? I have looked but not found a definite recommendation.

I’ve recently found an old 2B that is now happily running volumio with a dragonfly black from a flirc case. It’s just going into live speakers for background listening, but for the last year I’ve been running a Pi Zero with a Justboom Digi Mini into a Schiit Modi and Magni Heresy for my head-fi system, and another Pi Zero with an Allo Boss Mini DAC going into my Cambridge Audio integrated amp into vintage speakers.

I’m not expecting (nor am I looking for) supreme audio quality, but these all sound really good to me, certainly value for money and I have no complaints (although if I’m picky, the Pi Zeros are a little sluggish).

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