Whats the best DAC for Pi4 today 2019

Hi What’s the best DAC for PI4 today 2019? I need RCA or XLR

I’m looking for a DAC on my RPI4.
Given the heat the RPI4 generates I’m a little bit reluctant to be an early adopter.

I’m curious if anyone already has an RPI4 with an RCA DAC in a corresponding case?
Options I came accross with google; however I don’t know how the underneath options compare to eachother…

  1. HifiBerry does have a case:
    hifiberry.com/shop/cases/ac … arent-pi4/

The DAC however apparently has compatability for: Raspberry Pi A+/B+/2/3???

  1. Traditionally the Allo Boss was a relatively cheap DAC; but I don’t see a RPI4 case from them. As far as I can tell the cases are for RPI3.

  2. Also came accross this one from collybia
    collybia.com/product/mamboberry … khz-24bit/ (el cheapo for 60. The real deal 120)
    Collybia explicitly states: Rpi 4 has thermal issues and for the moment we advise you to stay at 3B+ for any audio usage. We prepare a new case with fan. Stay tuned!

I’m open for all suggestions on a roughly 70 euro budget… :slight_smile:

I use Topping D70, it has XLR out. You may also consider Topping DX7s which also has XLR out with Balance Headphone amplifier, cheaper price as well.
Both has dual DAC and dual op-amp for each channel, also with linear power supply built in.
Topping D70 work flawlessly with Raspi 4 and Volumio, connected by USB. DSD64 and DSD128 native is worked.