What would you want from your ideal music player operating system?

  • A stable environment
  • Running from USB on the rPi, so we can say goodbye to corrupted SD cards. (as they were never intended to be used for hosting an OS. )
  • Supporting all mayor audio containers
  • BT connectivity (for using earbuds and active speakers)
  • Integration of Qobuz and Spotify
  • Library management like (mp3tag/mediamonkey,…)
  • Dynamic playlists
  • Customizable templates, so you can easy modify it to your own needs. (the current CSS is so big and difficult to read)
  • Shield core functionality from custom changes, so nothing gets lost during upgrades. So a separated folder structure, where you can place customized code. The app will load the changes in this folder over vanilla code.
  • flexibility what is shown on the home page or right bottom panel. If I desire a certain plugin on the home page, I should be able to this in a easy way. (Now I need to modify the plugins index.js)
  • basic control functions on wearables. (volume, play/pause, prev/next)

Simple but extensively customisable UI

i would advice for a drag and drop system with all the options in a sort of plugin system
if you want to add some feature on your screen you can with a lot of flexability where to
put it and size of it ect. see it like a skin editor where we could add more options if needed.
and you really can make a custom UI the way you like it.

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Ok, I have been a user of many music platforms, and today continue to use 2 different ones.

For a lightweight platform, Volumio can’t be beaten. Quick UI. Streaming services, local drives, etc.

For my main listening system at home, I continue to use Roon. It has nearly seamless integration of Tidal into my library. So easy to just find music. I have multiple endpoints that are RasbPi based.

The development Roon has done to so seamlessly integrate Tidal is a huge advantage. I am assuming Qobuz and others are similarly easy.

I find the Tidal navigation on Volumio to be a weakpoint. Search is not great. When you search for a significant jazz artist and click on discography, you are often limited to 50 records which is insufficient when there are so many compilations and re-releases. Typically, their best albums aren’t shown, so you have to search again.

I have found that Volumio is really quite stable. I have also done some work to simplify the configuration of Volumio, and that helps. We use Volumio at a cabin and it has been really good.

Hi ,
Why just not fixing the current issues and improving the stability and user experience

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It would have a plug-in for SiriusXM!



For me the available functionality is near perfect, but what I miss is a (very) consistent GUI design.
Yesterday I upgraded my v3.1 to v3.3 and it appears the complete GUI has been rearranged which, at least for me, is sheer horror: I am completely lost in the interface and by the time I know where I can find things, most likely a new release shuffles things around again.

Parts of the GUI are loaded on the fly where there is no actual need to do so since they cause little page load.
A logically arranged HTML with all available components and functionality (default state hidden, but loaded) would allow for easy style sheet design and adjustability.

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Hi @ah222

Not sure what you’re reffering to. With V3.3 Volumio provide the manifest UI for free to all users. The only thing added is the right bottom menu, the rest remained the same.
If you mean something else, please let us know.

If you prefer the old GUI, please change “Appearance” back to


Ok, this is weird. I thought I tried everything yesterday but it is like you say and I do have back my previously used layout. You made my wishlist one item shorter. :+1:

Ability to rate albums (both local and Tidal), and then sort/search by “number of stars”.

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We just want a player… just to play music!
Sometime I don’t understand these,

  • The linux kernel is just 100mb and yet the Volumio image is 2gb!

  • Okay, there is tiny piCore player but its ugly and not user friendly.

  • We need an OS that start in 3 seconds like in Microcontroller and no heavy usage of RAM.

  • I mean look iSO 6 (the most beautiful music player ever made) start quick and the UX fluid and I can flick through 1000s of album like a butter and yet the A5 has only 512GB ram. If Apple can make it we can do in linux too. Come on guys lets make most beautiful and efficient player.

  • Different screen support - Start from 16x2 LCD to AMOLED

  • Least but best UX like album view for eg Cover Flow, List and Album view.

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY standalone music player and we do not want search for MOBILE to play music that will ruin our experience…I mean in a big Way. I just take IR remote, select source and play music or Radio.

  • Songs without album art is like music without soul and memory.

Thank Volumio so far you are the best on the Internet!


How about developping a decent “Party mode” or " Juke box mode" (what ever you want to call it)
ie a mode that… when songs are searched for and then selected (clicked or tapped on), simply adds them to the bottom of the queue.

This has bee requested for at least 5 years now.

NO… tapping or clicking the 3 little dots and “add to queue” is not good enough.
You try explaing to your guests not to tap or click the song they want as someone allways will, it is a disaster waiting to happen.

Volumio is great for my personal needs 60% of my music time, its fantastic.But if I have guests over, Volumio does not get used, its embarrassing. So does not even get mentioned.

So again we need a decent “Party mode” or " Juke box mode"


Add a plugin for Pithos. It is a fantastic front end for Pandora and is Linux so should be easy

A couple of ideas I have seen from other ‘players’:

  1. Sonic analysis - show similar sounding albums in your current collection
  2. Integrated view - where for example when browsing your own collection you get the option to view the current artists ‘full’ collection of tidal / Spotify etc
    I have my favourite albums by favourite artists on Volumio (on an external SSD) but occasionally I want to see other music by the same artist - so whatever music service the current user has added as a ‘plugin’ could be used as a way to expand the current artist view
  3. Metadata views - e.g. Albums released on this day 1 year ago, 5 years ago, 10 years ago
    Artists who birthday is today etc basically use the metadata available to maybe pull up interesting or forgotten music that I haven’t played in a long time.

When is Volumio going to allow the use of embedded art / artists info on a per track basis? Not per Album, but per song! Seems like such a standard feature with other players, I’m not sure why I can’t do it with Volumio.

I have playlists for example that play during the holidays and they contain family photos, but with Volumio we can’t see them so I end up using a different player more often than not. Having paid for a Superstar subscription I expect more.

Fix the current issues & be stable
Add a “Recently added” option for your music library
Add Amazon Music

Hi Volumio team,
first of all, thank you very much: you are doing a great job.
I would very much like to have:

  • a more stable system
  • a"recently added" functionality (possibly with configurable depth)
  • more configurability on which metadata show on the UI when playing a track
  • the possibility to easily visualize all track metadata

as a nice to have, iwould love to have integration with some visual tool such as Milkdrop or its web evolution Butterchurn (https://butterchurnviz.com/).

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Hi guys!

I’ve mentioned this issue before a few times, but it would be nice if the search and own media library player functioned properly (more similar to how Foobar works). It’s a bit hard to describe concisely but if you search for a track/album/artist and the results show each track as separate albums. eg. ‘cafe del mar’ = 146 albums. doesn’t recognise the tracks are part of the same album (ie Album artist).

Go to play track and it stops after the current track, doesn’t continue with that alubm as you’d expect. There seems to be an issue with how it recognises the IDTags (mine are arrange meticulously as well). The only way is if you browse directly to the foler.

Another nice to have would be the algorithm to mix own library and streaming services - probably not easy at all (?).

Oh, and Tidal Connect isn’t working for the windows App.

Otherwise great job and love this player/solution with the Raspberry pi!


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TidalConnect is working again with the windows app - noticed an update/restart so Issume the issue was on their end!

We knew there were lots of issues on the Android app (on their end) but Windows this was the first report, but glad it’s now solved…

This summer there was a change on Akamai CDN, which impacted all the downstream vendors, and many were streaming services…

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