What next?

with all the RPi’s, Odroids and x86 working out-of-the box, cubox/ hummingboard nearly done, sparkySBC nearly done, Pine64 ready for testing, I wonder what is next on the porting board?
Any suggestions (with perhaps a contact to the supplier)?

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Thanks for the good work of supporting so many boards.
IMHO, no major effort has to be put on supporting more boards.
AFAIK Volumio already supports significant more platforms than any other audio client. Also, there is currently more than enough choice among the supported devices. So I would just monitor the market of boards and if a great new board becomes available and is widely being adopted (a bit like how it went with the Odroid C2) consider supporting it.

In the meantime I would focus on making Volumio even better than it already is.

My 2 cents: the most intriguing one could the the C.H.I.P … I’ve started playing with it this summer, but then I dropped…

Then I agree, after this we could take a break and focus on fixing\adding functionalities for currently supported ones…

Sorry, but there isn’t any chance to see volumio on udoo quad?
I’ve bougth it Like the best board for volumio and i Like the possibilty to use serial ata (and is the only one that have serial ata)

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the UDOO kernel 3.14-1.0.x is not compatible with volumio 2 at the moment. It needs to support overlayfs.
Unless the Udoo Team can be convinced to do the backport, this has to be handled by us.
We have done this for various other boards, so should be straightforward.
This would need extra time for building and subsequent maintenance afterwards.

Perhaps over winter after urgent issues with other devices have been solved.

There is a 4.x (I don’t remember which…) kernel for UDOO Board with i2s support… Yes UDOO will be a great candidate, since really its one of the best for Audio… I’ll let you have one :wink:

correct, that seems to be patrykk’s work. Not sure how stable that is for our purposes, but perhaps the way to go.
Saves the work for backporting and testing overlayfs and no need for our own maintenance.

Yep, let’s try…

I can confirm that UDoo Quad works perfectly with the latest Linux Kernels and the latest ArchlinusArm packages. I’ve built a music player on my own using the most current ArchlinuxArm distribution. All the UDoo peripherals are supported (even the wi-fi, and, of course, the Sata interface), but the integrated audio board: the analogue audio output isn’t available.
My music player uses the overlayfs, even with a three level ovelray, and it works perfectly.
I also enabled the threaded interrupts: it is only a matter of passing the right parameters to uboot.

That’s a good news!

I’m not able to work for develop volumio software, but I’m really here to test some beta version for udoo quad! :wink: