What is your NAS connection pref? NFS or SMB?

I don’t really need help here (but it didn’t seem another forum section was a better place for this). Rather looking for opinions…

Setting up a new Volumio 3 with music on a raspberry pi 4 running OMV. I have both NFS and SMB/CIFS configured. Which have YOU found to be more reliable and faster? Using a wired network.

My music library is 2172 artists, 5939 albums, 50320 songs. Even via local drive scanning, browsing artist or album could be (ahem) slow. So I’m looking to go with what a consensus here say is the fastest remote library connection method, assuming both connection types have the same reliability. But otoh, if performance is similar but one connection method is more reliable than the other, I’d opt for that instead.

Thanx for all informed opinions.

A bit off-topic, but I have discovered that UI responsiveness and performance depends a lot on used browser. My music library is not as big as Yours, still I have found that browsing my music with Firefox is way faster and smoother than using Chromium. For me this is the case on desktop and smartphone. Volumio’s offical app is probably using system webview, Firefox on same phone runs much smoother, same goes to linux desktop.

If You only need to Linux/Unix based system to connect to NAS, then NFS is good choice.

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NFS should be the better choice, as it has less overhead. But if it will really have a big impact, I doubt


i use cifs to connect to a windows machine over a wired network, without issues. 2414 artists, 1959 albums, 20196 tracks

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Same. Cifs with about 12K tracks. Fast and responsive.

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I use NFS to connect to audio file hosed on a separate RPi, which is a file server for other things in the house as well.