What is the minimum size micro SD card for Volumio

I’m planning to buy a few micro SD cards in the coming week.

Can anyone tell me what is the minimum size micro SD card, that I can run Volumio on?


Minimum = 4GB
Suggested = 8GB

They are so cheap that I wouldn’t bother and buy a 8GB one …

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why so big?

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Because we have :
350 MB of the main rootfs squash image
then 60MB for kernel
then the rest for data.
Also, we have the updater mechanism, which needs:
350 MB for factory image backup
350 MB for current image backup
350 MB for next image download

This is why, hope that replies to your point!

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Hi, I am upgrading to Volumio 2 using my usual 8Gb sd card, running on Cubox-i4pro. It does not work after repeated attempts. I can see the page at volumio.local, but I would quickly lose sight of my tracks (I have a 256G usb thumb drive w my songs plugged into the cube) and then volumio will go into a thinking mode (revolving circle pic) and hangs there.

I am sorry if I am out of topic. I ask it here as I wonder is my 8Gb sd card too small for volumio 2 if I have so many tracks? I can’t get volumio 2 to work. If I had used say a 32G sd card, would it be better?

Don’t have much experience with Volumio, but I would find it rather strange if the 8gb card is the issue since all files are on a separate drive. However I can imagine the 8gb card being a slower class? I noticed some difference going from 2 to 10…

Btw I don’t know about pricing in your areas, but I found that the optimum size now is 16gb. 4gb costs 7, 8gb was 8 and 16gb was priced between 9 and 10 euro. 32Gb suddenly double that amount. That small difference between 4 and 16 is almost neglectable and leaves room for other configurations in the future.