What is Bitdefender blocking?

Every time I open Volumio (v3.449) on my pc, Bitdefender flashes up a security warning as follows:

“An attempt to inject a command towards your system through a dangerous URL was made by 192.168.x.xxx. We blocked the connection to prevent malicious commands from being executed on the device and across the network.”

The URL is obviously my NUC’s IP address but what is the command?

I can add an exception but I don’t know what Volumio is trying to do to trigger Bitdefender.

I’m not a techie so any advice appreciated. Thank you in anticipation.

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if we see no command we could not say what’s happening.

That’s true and if I knew what the command was I probably wouldn’t asking. I don’t think it is a bug because this is not new - it happened with previous versions. I’ll try a different security package to see if it is picked up again. If it is, then I’ll raise it as a bug with logs and see where that leads. Thanks

can you see in bitdefender what it was triggering like this it’s not possible to research.

W moim Bitedender po uruchomieniu w przeglądarce Volumio mam taki komunikat.Bitdefender_lert

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translated polish to english:

In my Bitdefender, when I run Volumio in the browser, I get this message.

Event log:
Content control Apr 16, 18:41
Network attack protection blocked the attack attempt. Your device is being used to attempt an Exploit.CommandInjection.258 attack. Contact your system administrator.

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Bitdefender is sensitive to the up-to-dateness of program libraries, so maybe it doesn’t mean anything, just programs using an old library

i was looking in bitdefender to look up what it does but no real luck
what i see that the exploit that it injects a command in something in your network but where it happens
is not clear it could be your computer / browser or a device in your network

Thank you both. I shall leave Bitdefender to do what it’s there for… to block unwanted commands. So far I didn’t notice any side effects and life is too short to spend time looking for problems! Thank you again.