What I would Volumio do (embedded cuesheet in Flac)

I everybody, I’ve installed Volumio on Raspberry PI 2, my raspberry has connect to a DAC and 1 Tera Hard Disk with Flac files.
My flac files are copy of CD’s, every file has embedded cuesheet and cover, so 1 CD = 1 Flac file (I think this is the best way to collect CD’s).
The problem is that Volumio don’t read cuesheet inside files,
So, this is a problem of configuration? I’ve read something about MPD problem.
Does Volumio 2 support Flac files with embedded cuesheet?


I believe that this is a limitation of MPD. Volumio’s core is built around MPD thus inheriting the same limitations.
You could search for MPD cue sheet for more information. It could be possible that a workaround exists.

Seems that Mpd has cuesheet capability:

wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Mu … and_tricks

Look section I reported:

Cue Files

“No additional steps are needed for cue support in mpd since 0.17. MPD has its own integrated parser which works with both external and embedded cuesheets”