What do you use to manage ID3 tags including replay gain?

I’m interested in your thoughts here, what you use.

I use Mac OSX as my primary machine, a QNAP NAS to host my music, and then have Volumio itself. All of these are options to ‘host’ an application. I haven’t really found a nice free web-based tool which is really surprising.

Things I want to do are manage an entire collection and find issues and easily fix them. I don’t need a ‘one button’ solution that updates all my tags to what it considers to be correct, as I have found that the crowd-sourced tags are often wrong. I just want an efficient editor.

Example use cases:

  • Find all songs that don’t have replaygain tags and then give them tags.
  • Find songs in folders that have tags that don’t match where you’d expect they would (album artist + album name).
  • Missing track numbers.
  • Maybe scanning lossless tracks and comparing their hash to a database to find bad rips.
  • An ‘incoming’ folder where you put in a raw new album that may not meet your conventions, then processing it and moving it into its correct folder once the tags are set / corrected and all quality checks have passed.

MP3 Tag

I use it for flac and wav files, not just MP3.

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To answer my own question here for anyone else.

There’s no real good web based one. You can run MusicBrainz Picard in a docker and then it can be accessed as a website, but it’s really a VNC into a linux desktop interface. Works well enough but ugly.

Then there’s Beets, which is CLI based but full featured. Good if you want to automate anything in a headless way.

I also use MP3tag under Windows

Me too : MP3tag (with a lot of macros) and Foobar2000, according to the needs.

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JRiver, for both

Musibrainz picard dockerized or not. I try to limit the number of genre and I don’t use Replay gain. It Can Also reinject artwork in the tag of each track, very usefull with some player