what dac should i buy for use with lepai tripath 2020a ?

[size=150][size=200][/size][/size]hi guys im totally new to this so bear with me just bought a pi and im looking to buy a Lepai Tripath LP-2020A Amplifier can I use this with a dac and the pi all connected together if that is possible so any ideas on a dac bearing in mind ill be using the pi 3.5mm audio jack to the dac im getting confused when looking at the backs of the amps and potential dacs because of the colours of the input output jacks spdif/rca/optical what cables do I need etci am also buying a creative play usb sound card for use with laptop can this be used with rpi connected to amp ? I have no idea about this at all any help or maybe a guide would really help many thanks

you can choose one of these
raspyfi.com/the-right-usb-da … pberry-pi/

Together with a tripath amp i get great results with the O2 Objective DAC (NavGuys ODAC)

iqaudio.com the best

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The iqaudio looks nice but anyone know when their back in stock?