What about porting Volumio on the Raspberry Pi 2 !

Ha ha,

All is in he title :wink:


My guess, no need to port anything. All hardware except CPU remains 100% identical. It will run the current ARM 6 based kernels without any changes as far as I can tell. And because all other hardware remains the same, existing drivers will remain the same :slight_smile:

(And all issues with current hardware remain the same :wink: including the USB based ethernet adapter)

When a new ARM 7 based kernel become available (the are some already) for debian (Volumio is Debian based), newer Volumio releases can use this kernel and maybe benefit from the increased CPU power.

Great news!! I’ve just bought a Raspberry PI 2 from Pimoroni.

I think that it needs a different kernel, but rootfs will remain the same. They told that here:

Anyway, just bought 3. See here :smiley:

After re-reading this article, I think you might be right. Userland stays the same (for now), but kernel needs upgrade (which does make sense).

Nice :laughing:

We will soon now how easy (or not) it will be to run Volumio on the Pi2 :wink:

I hope piece of cake…