Wharfedale Linton opinions

Hello ,
I am planning to buy wharfedale linton speakers . Curently i have Diamond 9.1 and marantz pm6004 amplifier.
What do you think about this speakers ?
It is an upgrade ? My room size is 25sq meters .
Next year I plan to change also the amplifier .

Thanks for your input

They are well reviewed speakers and definitely should be on your listening list.
I have had quite a few Wharfedales over the years and I would love to listen to a pair to compare them to my Diamond 230 (which I have eq’d carefully thanks to the fusion DSP plugin).

First of all they are beautifull :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
secondly well reviewed :+1:

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The Linton’s are well reviewed. I have not heard them but I currently have Wharfdale Jades 3’s. They currently go for about $800 (used, of course) and I very highly recommend them. I’d be surprised if the Linton’s would sound better than the Jade’s. Best of luck.

Hi ,
I end up buying the Linton .
I really like the sound . The soundstage and imaging is awesome . Indeed the sound is warm .

I have listened to them a few weeks ago to help my brother in law pick out some new speakers. They are so warm that we agreed that they sound a bit dull sometimes. It is forgiving on bad recordings but good recordings don’t stand out. We made the analogy with golden retriever: always kind but absolutely nothing specials about it. It depends on how you listen but it never gave me goosebumps. The salesman told us that most of the buyers bought them as part of their first hifi set or as speakers for in the office (because of their looks). In my opinion you can find better for that budget especially on the 2nd hand market.

maybe , but until know I Like them , they are a little big indeed , . They are ON for 4 5 hrs a day and the sound is not to analytical , for me are a huge upgrade… I have listened also evo 4.2… I have wanted focal aria 906 but I have understood they are too analytical .
from your point of view what models better then linton , sh or new , but in the same money.
Thanks for your input . Highly appreciated .

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We have auditioned some Monitor Audio Silvers before the Linton’s were installed. Completely different speakers, but way more detailed and very fast (they lacked a little bit in the mid lows in my opinion though). The lack of detail and excitement with the Lintons was very noticable when we swapped the MA for the Wharfedales. We were in total agreement about this, but that was only with our ears, not with yours.


Not just your ears Vennesch.
I’ve seen very similar remarks from someone on a hi-fi forum.

Of course, speaker (and headphone) sound is an extremely personal thing - but based on what I’ve read, the Lintons wouldn’t be good for me - others seek that warm, ‘forgiving’ type of sound.
(They’re happy to compromise their best quality recordings, for the sake of making their poorer ones listenable).

I am using qobuz as a listening source . The problem for me is that in my town I do not have a hi fi dealer ., but when I will go to a hi fi dealer I will listen also other speakers . Last year I had listen bw703 and after that evo 4.2 . Bw703 had nothing special …