Wetek & Volumio?


I just saw a post on the Wetek forum that suggested that Volumio is working on support for Wetek devices. Is this true? And if it is, how close are you to having something to show?

I have a Wetek Core running LibreElec. It’s likely that I will upgrade soon to a Wetek Play 2S. At that point it’d be wonderful to reuse the Core as a Volumio player.

Also, I don’t know if you have any working relationship with Wetek, but it would be fantastic if Wetek could offer an off-the-peg Wetek device with Volumio pre-installed to the NAND. I’m certain that would help Volumio reach an even wider audience.

Thanks for your time.


Hi Frank,
yes I had worked on a WeTek device (which they donated last year), but I had some serious issues with the kernel, and asked them help about that… Unfortunately we never came to a solution…
That’s a shame because I really liked the play and their approach to volumio!

Hi there,

is there any news? I own a WETEK Hub (aarch64) and would like to use it with volumio and an USB DAC.