Well Color Me Impressed!

My current set up is a NAD M12 using BlueOS which has been a bit of a mixed bag. Yes, the hardware side of the NAD is phenomenal but farming out the streaming side to a 3rd party provider has delivered some technical challenges, inconsistencies and a little too much finger pointing between the 2 companies. NAD’s tech support has been great but they only go so far when it comes to the BlueOS app.

So this past weekend I went the RPi4 route with Volumino, the build and configuring was pretty straightforward (thanks to Wheaton for helping me stop being a dumbass) and I’m currently feeding the NAD from the RPi via it’s USB interface which is sonically very impressive using Tidal, Spotify and radio streams. The other nice touch is that my ripped to HD CD collection plays perfectly from a directly connected USB drive whereas the BlueSound will only access large-scale content from a configured network drive.

Rambling over, but I just wanted to say, so far a great product at a reasonable price and one which is leading me to reconsider the NAD in the 1st place.

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Really glad to hear that!!!