webUI with wifi not working


I have a problem with web ui on my phone.

When the Raspberry is connected to the router with LAN and my phone connected with wifi I can control the Volumio webUI. When the raspberry connected to the network with wifi and my phone connected to the network with wifi I cant control the webUI but my PC connected to via LAN to this network I can control the webUI.

Can help anyone?

sorry for my Engilsh… :frowning:

Try restarting the router without the LAN connection to the R Pi.
It sounds like the phone s looking fr the R Pi on the LAN IP address, but the wi-fi connection will have a different IP address.
A restart of the router should clear the ARP table and allow your wi-fi connected phone to find the wi-fi connected R Pi.
If it doesn’t work after the router restart, restart the R Pi and your phone to clear cached address info.

Not working :frowning: I also try with an another router but when I only connected the raspberry with wifi to router the web ui not working. Maybe reflash my SD card? What is the stable version?

Hmmm, it sounds a bit weird.
The latest (seems to work well and has new features) R Pi version is shown here:

When you set it up don’t use a LAN cable this time, just use the Volumio hotspot to connect initially, and configure it on your wi-fi with the first-run wizard. This procedure is explained here:
cdn.volumio.org/wp-content/uplo … umio-1.pdf

Thank. I try this method but the same problem :frowning:

I resflash my sd card with the new version. In the first start I can connect with my phone to volumio hotspot and I can setup the device (wifi connection etc) After restart the device I cant connect to web ui and I cant connect to hotspot. In my PC working again the web ui.

Are you typing the IP address in the web ui?

What IP adress?

Yes, but also not working :frowning:

Maybe I have a problem with my router.

I have issues with the webui as well. When I start Volumio from scratch it works, I can connect with the Volumio app on my phone (and from the PC). Then I insert a usb stick with music, play some music, come back in an hour or so and it is not possible to connect to Volumio anymore. It is as if the httpd went to sleep. Sometimes it wakes up again, other time I lose my temper and restart Volumio.
This all is happening on WiFi, I do not run cables at home.
And if I restart Volumio with the USB stick of the music files inserted, it will never offer me the web UI… Maybe the scanning process is interfering with the start of the network or httpd?

Maybe you do.
It’s not easy to understand what is wrong when you can’t see first hand what you are doing and what you are seeing.

Are connections with a wired connection on the same IP address range as those on a wireless connection?

Get all your devices on the wireless network
Make sure they’re all on the same SSID
Make a note of the IP address that is assigned to each device
Check the gateway address and subnet mask on each device
Post the results here

iPhone IP address gw sn mask
volumio IP address gw sn mask
laptop IP address gw sn mask
desktop IP address gw sn mask


iPhone with wifi:
IP adress: gw: sn mask:

PC with LAN cable:
IP adress: gw: sn maks:

volumio with wifi:
IP adress: gw: sn mask:

in router settings page the volumio dont has a ipv6 adress

So all the devices are on the same network, all have correct configurations.
I can’t understand why it isn’t working for you.

Some routers will isolate all wifi clients from each other by default and many have this feature but not enabled by default, you should consult the manual of your router or try to find the setting from the configuration page of the router.

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