WebUI Duplicate Artists and Albums


I am running Volumio 1.4 on a Raspberry PI. In the WebUI artists and albums are shown multiple times, sometimes only twice sometimes even ten times. Is someone else having this problem and knows how to solve this? When accessing Volumio through MPDroid there are no duplicates like this.


Did you use UPNP for indexing.

I have the same problem, my NAS is sharing songs via UPNP but different views (artist_album, all songs, etc). Each of these views is indexed by volumio. So I have something like five duplicate per song.

Since all duplicate have the same meta information (but doesn’t come from the same path) they should be easy remove per code. What developpers think about this ?

Are you using just UPNP for your nas or do you also have it mounted as nas? If you use both methods duplicates could be expected.
But 5x the same is crazy… I wonder how it is possible that you get one song from more then one path