WebUI do not respond !

Hi !
I’ve got a prbolem with Volumio 1.4 (and I had the same with 1.3) : if I set a nfs share from my nas I can’t acces anymore to setting / library /network / sytem page. Main, credits and Turn off are ok. I reinstall several time and I always get the same result. I can ssh to Volumio or play musique from webradio.
How can delete modify nfs settings from a term with ssh ?

Try using lowercase share names.
I also want to report that the GUI freezes if a wrong share is entered.

Ok it’s because I enter a wrong path But now I can’t modify it from webUI. So via ssh which do I change / delete to reset nfs path ?

Thanks for reporting, investigating. Does it happen also with samba shares or just nfs?

So I did a fresh install with volumio 1.4. I did differents test with samba and nfs share, entering a wrong path to test the behaviour, but now problem… WebUI still responding . I’m sorry but I think I won’t help you.

I tested it only with SMB.