Website in www directory of volumio

Hello fellow developers!

For a project i have a question.
We are making a simple voting system in combination with Volumio. The voting system is made in HTML, PHP en JS.
At this point i am having troubles with getting the right response.

I have installed a volumio image on a SD card. RaspPi boots up. After i updated, upgraded, installed Apache and PHP5, i create a simple PHP info file in a subdirectory in the www folder. Contents:

<?php phpinfo(); ?> 

But when i go to the file, i get redirected the main volumio page. I have no idea why this is happening.

Can you help me?

Alexander Rokven

Unfortunately, I can’t help you, because my knowledge is not enough. But I have a question, I have a ready idea for my site, but I need good hosting and preferably somewhere in Canada. Can someone tell me?

I know several good hosting companies. It depends on whether you want it to be free or paid. I would recommend that you still use paid hosting. Now I already use proven hosting Canada for my site. He has very favorable terms, which cost me just a couple of bucks. It is important to find a really good hosting service so that there are no communication problems and there is enough space to upload content to the site. Currently, the presence of a site inspires confidence in customers, and it also makes it easier to communicate with them. Most of all operations now take place through the company’s website. Therefore it is very important to take this issue seriously

All requests on port 80 gets routed to port 3000, so you can’t have another webserver running.
Why don’t you develop the voting system as a plugin?