Webradio stream

Hello together,
i added some webradio stream to volumio.

I do it this way:

There is an easy Way to add stations:

  • Goto vtuner.com/setupapp/guide/asp/Br … rtpage.asp
  • Select the desired station
  • Right click on the station name
  • Save xxx.m3u to the volumio webradio share
  • Just open your browser and go to the volumio WebUI, click on BROWSE and then use the little menu at the right hand side of your entry on WEBRADIO. There is an option “UPDATE THIS FOLDER”, which is needed to make volumio recognise the changes.

Some m3u file are not display in the volumio webfrontend. But only this m3u files wich i directly in webradio folder, the m3u files in subfolders are displayed.
When i put the m3u files from the subfolder in the webradio folder and update the database - the m3u file is not displayed.

Hope you can help me.

Best regards