Webradio stops playing


I’m using Volumio for listening webradio and I want to play it 24/7. Somehow the stream is stopping to play after some hours. Is there a way to check what let the stream stop? It seems that Volumio didn’t notice that the stream has stopped, because the stop-button is still visible…

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It happened again, here’s the bug report: http://logs.volumio.org/volumio/oT0yhnj.html

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I think that you need to help narrow things down abit … there are logs for a 4 day period. Reboot your device before before trying to catch the problem.

Do you have an approximate idea of the time when the problem occurs? The last obvious break in the logs for 22/6/17 between 0200 and about 0700, show no errors. Are you simply losing your internet connection?

Thanks for your answer chsims1.
The stream had stopped on 22/06 between 0130 and 1000.
I’m not sure if internet connection was lost tonight. Can I see that in the log or maybe in the log of my router?

Is there a setting which plays the next track in queue list after losing connection? It didn’t notice that stream stopped playing, I had to press “stop” and “play” to get it working again…

I periodically have the same problem. I was assuming it was a problem with the radio app itself.

Just a blind shot out in the dark !
DHCP lease time ?