Webradio stops after 30 minutes

Volumio Information

My partner is having trouble when her rpi3b+ with webradio plays for 30 minutes then stops. doesnt seem to matter which station she is on and has the second last version on it. Anyone got any ideas, it is on a wireless network and is connected at 490mbs so steady.
Volumio Version:277
Hardware: RPI3b+
DAC:hi berry i think

When I had that and other web radio issues, the only thing that fixed it (the problem hasn’t returned in the 6 months or so since), was to re-image the micro SD card with a fresh copy of the latest Volumio version and start again.

thanks for that response , i forgot to mention that kodi is also on that install would that make any difference do you think, that works fine though

I don’t know. What I do know is that it seems like a lot of people who modify the Volumio install seem to end up with problems and break the updating function. I suppose a second micro SD card would be a cheap way to test if Kodi is the problem.
Create a fresh Volumio, test it for a few days, if it’s OK, add Kodi to it and test again for a few days.

thanks that is the job for this weekend, ironically it works sometimes for hours and then the next day it stops after 30 mins. I will see if the router has any settings that may be causing it too. thanks again

hi well the quick fix was deleting the queue, my girlfriend had about 30 entries for the same station, but none of them were ‘active’ maybe they were just loading from cache, not sure anyway i deleted them all, and went to the webradio top 500 stations list and found the one she wanted and saved it, this time when the station was picked it showed the art work of the station and has worked for hours, not sure what the problem was but it seems to be fixed. so far! thanks again for input.