Webradio - add an optional url


sometimes when listening to a webradio stream there rises the desire to browse the broadcaster’s website to check the playlist history or get some information regarding the source.

How do you think about an optional field containing a web url regarded to the webradio source for every single webradio entry? During playback the link could be offered by clicking / tapping on the webradio icon on the Volumio playback page.

Best audiophile regards,

Hi Robert,

That’s a great idea. I also would like that a lot.

  • Josef

Stream URL is not always related to the site that you want to point your browser at … it could be a little messy and complex.

For example, I’m listening to BBC Radio 4FM atm, and the stream is: a.files.bbci.co.uk/media/live/ma … ourfm.m3u8
what website address would I want to visit in a browser?

Hi chsims1,

the suggested URL to the related website has to be an additional separate field in the webradio data record.
I think it’s impossible to create an algorithm that extracts or generates the site url from the streaming url.

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