Web UI not accessible

I am on Volumio Version 2.698 ( downgraded from 2.714 to test if the flash was bad).
I cannot see the web UI when pointing the browser to the IP address of the Raspberry Pi 3+ B.
I can Ping the IP and there is connectivity. I tried Telnet port 80 and that is open as well. I can SSH into the Pi with the IP address and access the device.
I can connect to the volumio hotspot and get the web UI when pointing to Although this works intermittently and has now stopped working.
I have a second Pi 3+B with Volumio that is my primary system and that works perfectly fine.
What am I doing wrong?

Odroid C1, HiFi Shield2, volumio-2.714-2020-03-03-odroidc1.img
I was getting part of the Web UI when I pulled out and inserted the network cord.
I decided after giving Volumio access to the Internet.