Web to mobile

Hi everyone,

I’m a French student and i work on volumio to practice my web langage. I try to rework the web UI to train and when i try to open it by a mobile web browser, all my content are not in good shape or resolution (I just can see the half of the UI). So i don’t really know if my explanations are good but which files can i work on to adapt the UI for a web browser on a mobile. Thanks

Nice community, project and sorry for my English.

When you said that

are talking about the orginal webUI or the one you have reworked ?
Because the orignal one works perfectly with small / vertical screen.

Hi Balbuze,
I talk about a reworked version (a prototype :smiley: ) the original with theme selector or without it works perfectly :slight_smile:

Sorry but I’m not able to help you. As I read you have installed theme and language, what do you think of it ? Even if there is still some dysfunctions (in the playlist)…

Ok :frowning: I understand, I really enjoy the theme selector, but I will DL the new update with the language selector. Thanks for your answers.

Hi, I have found a solution if someone need it go to http://media-queries.aliasdmc.fr/meta_viewport_et_viewport_css_mobile.php it works for me :smiley: cya !