Web radio with variable bit rate has a 1 second pause every now and then?

Just finished my fresh “Volumio inside an old 60’s radio” build :slight_smile: The system seems to work fine, except for one pretty annoying thing. The main reason I bult this was to be able to liste to YLE (similar to BBC in UK) web radio streams and they seem to have this weird problem any other web radio that I have tested doesn’t: the playback pauses for ~1 second and then continues. There’s no certain interval, but it happens roughly every 1-2minutes. One thing I noticed, is that the YLE channels use variable bitrate, as the bitrate constantly changes between 160-350 kbps while playing. All the other (Finnish) stations I have tested have constant bitrate, usually 160kbps. I would first blame the wifi, but e.g. Spotify works fine with 320 kbps, so I’d say it’s not because of the insuficient network bandwidth :thinking:Increasing the playback buffer does not affect anything. And yes, the channels work without the skips via web browser, so the stream itself is ok.

Is this a known problem/how could I circumvent this? :slight_smile:

Volumio 3.512
Hfiberry AMP