web radio stream restarts play

HI all,

I am new to the Raspberry and also using it as a home stereo ( which I am in love with)… this is a great app…
my setup is Raspberry PI 3B, JustBoom Amp Hat, Asus 19V 5Amp power brick and 8ohm Bookshelf speakers self-made.

my issue is that when playing my local station, the address is as below. the Web radio keeps restarting play. Sometimes its a restart after 11 or 9 or 4 seconds of play and this is annoying. It doesn’t happen with other stations that are available in Volumio.

webstream.radioone.in/live/mumba … 20532.m3u8

when I use the same radio address in MoodeAudio this is not happening. meaning it plays continuously without any pause or glitch.

Can someone help me with it?

Also, I am using the volumio app on the iPhone 6s running 11.2.5, and I have no issue with it.

Also i have a Hdd connected via USB to the Raspberry PI, It makes a click sound when power down the PI using shutdown command in Volumio.

Every few seconds may be 10 to 15 the radio restarts for this station and attached image is what I see on the screen.

This is really irritating, I love this app and the smoothness of volumio but this issue really makes it a pain to listen tooo

And this station works fine on a compititors software so please fix it.

As of 2020 I can still confirm this.
I added a new radio and it restarts less then every 30 seconds. A pain to listen to.

I had been having a lot of issues with Web Radio stations on Volumio.
Nothing I tried was fixing the problem. I bought a second micro SD card and created a brand new Volumio installation on it.
I started my R Pi with the new install and finished configuring it, my Web Radio stations are working well again now.
It seems that one or more version upgrades of my previous Volumio install had messed up Web Radio functionality.

If I were you, I’d try a new Volumio image on your card or a spare card and see if that helps.