Web radio station logo missing when started from favorites

I am running version 3.233 on raspi 4.

After having upgraded from a beta version 3.051 to a release version of Volumio 3, I no longer see web radio station logos after a station has beed added to favorites and started from there.

This is how a station shows in a station list (country list):

This is how the station looks after having been started from the station list:

This is how the station looks in the favorites list:

This is how the station looks after having been started from the favorites list:

In version 3.051, the logo has been displayed correctly, also when a station has been started from the favorites list.


Version 3.378


I know, it drives me nuts :exploding_head:.

One way around it is to add the stations I use most often to Playlists, which seems to retain the logos fine. Here are the steps:

  • In the Manifest interface (which is free now), click on the image icon on the bottom left
  • On the next screen, click on the save icon image on the top row.
  • You can now save the station as a playlist entry which will retain the logo associated with the station when you go back to it.

I haven’t, however, been able to replicate these steps on the older interfaces to add to the playlist. There is a button image to add to playlists in the Contemporary interface but it doesn’t seem to do anything that I can see.


Still have this issue…any help to resolve it?


Like I indicated above I have switched to migrating the ones I listen to most often to Playlists which shows the icons when you play the selection (but still doesn’t show in the actual playlist). Don’t know how add icons with web radio listings other than to manually download the icons and then edit the entry in the playlist to point to the icon.


Any news on that. It should be possible to play web radio out of favorites and still be able to see the radio station logo …

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