Web Radio not working and seems to break other functionality

Running Volumio 3.301
Mac Mini on gigabit ethernet, 8 gb RAM
Music files stored on a NAS also gigabit ethernet
spdif output to an external DAC
300 megabit symmetrical fiber internet connection
Up to now, running from a USB stick on the free version to test it out.

Local management of my library and playback from my NAS is flawless.

(EDIT: Please note that the following info is somewhat superceded by later messages in this thread. My perception after several attempts was based on starting with a favorite station that was actually causing the problem)

Thus far web radio has actually played sound exactly once… as it happened, from a BBC station.

Most of the time when trying to play web radio stations there’s just no apparent response in the UI. I see entries in the log, and it looks like a “stop” was issued. If I keep trying to play different web radio streams, it will eventually break the system to the point that my music library no longer shows up (the “Last 100” list is still available, but tracks won’t play from it, etc.)

A restart restores the local functionality but doesn’t help with web radio. Since I’m just using the free version so far before I jump in with both feet, I haven’t tried anything with streaming services other than web radio streams.

Oh, and as an aside: nano but no vi in the cli? sigh

OK, here’s a confounding bit of new info: It seems that after a reboot, at least the last station I attempted to play before the reboot will play. I just happened to walk back over and look at the server display (the monitor plugged into the Mac Mini) and saw that on the “Now Playing” page, a station I had clicked on before the reboot was displayed (Naim Classical (FLAC) if it happens to matter) and so I clicked Play and… it plays.

And I was able to change to another station, etc… UNTIL I tried to play a station I had added with a URL early on. (Linn Classical, http://radio.linnrecords.com/cast/tunein.php/linnclassical/playlist.pls) I had later found the link to Linn Classical in the “Volumio Selection” but that one seems to point to an IP address, and times out even if I try to play it before I break Web Radio by trying to play my URL-based entry.

More than likely I had been trying to play the Linn station early in my attempts to play web radio (since I like the station, and the UI says that I can add .pls or .m3u URLs) and so had been breaking it with that, but it seems like just trying to open that URL shouldn’t break it that profoundly.

Some further information on this: It seems that Linn is having a disagreement with tunein, so the particular URLs I found for Linn Radio (still showing on Linn’s website, one of which is included in my previous message in this thread) are not working. I’m guessing tunein is sending some weird problem in forwarding. When I click on the Linn link in a browser, I’m eventually taken to the same streaming URL that another volumio community user kindly provided in another thread! When I put that URL (http://radio.linn.co.uk:8004/autodj) into the entry in “My Web Radios” it works perfectly. So, it seems that the application is just inelegantly handling the problem with the clunky URL (http://radio.linnrecords.com/cast/tunein.php/linnclassical/playlist.pls) rather than forwarding to the working streaming link or returning an error and moving on…