Web Radio Flac streams issues

Hi everyone,
I’ve been using my raspberry with Volumio with many satisfaction so far.
I’m struggling with Flac streams of many web radios, because I’m an Hi Fi enthusiastic!
The only flac web radio that works very well with metadata e without interruptions is Radio Paradise (via plugin)

I try many web radio in FLAC, starting point was this website:
hiresaudio.online/cd-qualit … net-radio/

and there are two main issues:
they show no metadata, like the ZOG Radio (upload an attachment)

or they stop after each song is finished, like Mother Earth Radio (indeed a very interesting music choice so far)
this one in particular streams in ~2700kbps/96kHz, for a specific music policy

I manually add the link of all of them with “My Web Radio” tab

How can I fix that behaviour?

I’m using Raspberry Pi 3b+ with Pifi digi+ 1.0 DAC and Volumio 2.773

Schermata 2020-05-10 alle 12.56.05.png

I see the missing meta data with some web radio stations too, it isn’t the Volumio’s fault from what I can tell. Where the additional data is supplied it is displayed.
The thing I find annoying is that I’ll seek out a bunch of station streams with music I like and set them up in My Web Radios, all working well.
Then I’ll go back in a month and swap to one of those I don’t listen to as often, and now the stream URL has changed and the station no longer plays, so then I’ll waste time finding the new stream details before I can listen. I don’t know why stations can’t get set up on more stable infrastructure and maintain their stream URLs over the longer term. Some like NME seem to be able to do it.
I’m wondering if your internet connection is causing the stoppages.
I occassionally have pauses and stops, but it’s an exception rather than a regular thing.

I did have some terrible issues with Volumio and web radio streaming that I couldn’t fix through several update versions. I ended up creating a fresh Volumio installation on a second micro SD card, and then all the problems were gone.

Thanks for your reply!

I haven’t run into your first problem yet.
I have a FTTH fiber internet connection, so I don’t think this is the problem, WIFI is disabled on the Raspberry, only LAN cable.
Mmmm, so do you think a total refresh is worth it? The other streams in 320 kbps is very stable and with metadata! Maybe I can contact the web radio directly…

It sounds like your internet connection isn’t a likely cause then.
I’m not sure what else you could try.


i can confirm that Mother Earth Radio, streaming FLAC with metadata, stops at the end of every track. Most likely that is related to mpd.
Would be great to have some clarification on that issue.
Since it is my station i could change whatever is needed from the stream side.


Perhaps the quickest thing would be to develop a plugin that can manage, just like it was done for the Radio Paradise plugin, all the radios that stream in FLAC. Where should one apply for such a feature? Can anyone confirm that it is the shortest way?
I wish I could do it myself but I have no experience with this!

First we must find a database that handle that, and a user that can moderate the radios…
Not an easy thing to do and we as team will struggle just maintaining it

Not all Flac radios broadcast metadata. What’s more, he understood that it was not possible. Radio Paradise broadcasts them in a separate file, hence the need for a plugin.
Now I see that Mother Earth has them attached, it would be interesting to investigate the subject. And of course a plugin would be very interesting to play continuously.
Also a few days ago I have had serious problems with the Flac radios, they are choppy continuously and my connection is 100 MBs, before it worked correctly. Coronavirus effect?

I’m very sorry to hear that. If I can help out somehow I volunteer. What do you mean by database? In programming I’m really denied but I learn quickly!
Quoting danielfelix I also had several problems with the radios in FLAC, even the same plugin of Radio Paradise, after a few songs stops working.
Ultimately I think that, although it is difficult to create a plugin of this type, it would be really a great implementation worthy of an audiophile player like volumio, to be able to listen to radio that broadcast in CD quality!