Web Radio Favorite stations now gove CURL error

I’ve been happily listening to web radio for several weeks and now I get an error when i try to connect to these stations using the links in my Favorites.

Failed to decode
https://wxpnhi.xpn.org/xpnhi; CURL
failed: server certificate verification
failed.  CAfile: /etc/ssl/cert/ca-certificates.crt CRLfile: none

I can get the stream directly on my MAC by entering the URL so I’m pretty sure the issue is internal with Volumio set up.

Anything I can check or fix to get the radio stations back?

Pi4 4GB Hifiberry DAC+ Pro
These stations worked fine from original install of Volumio. Today they don’t.


I notice going through the list of Volumio stations, some of them are also giving similar errors.

Yep, same problem here with some german stations:

The site you are accessing does not apparently have up to date SSL certificates. It can be ignored from a browser on your mac/pc (usually with an ‘at your own peril’ kind of notice) so it can work, but Volumio seems to take the warning at it’s face value, and not try to play the stream.

Thanks for the replies. I’ve contacted the station to see if there is an issue on their end. For reference, I don’t get any “at your own peril” message when I go straight to the URL through my browser. I’ve seen those before, in other situations, and know what chsims1 is referring to. Hopefully, they just failed to update in a timely way and everything will be set straight soon.

Hi im the same problem
Yes the Certification is OK butt volumio say the Certification is not ok.:frowning:
Ples help