Web browser in Volumio

Dear All,

Today during my commuting to work I was thinking about implementing Spotify on RaspberryPi devices.
As everybody may have noticed, Spotify is not supported natively by this kind of devices… I suppose due to DRM reasons.

On the other side, all computers can connect to Spotify using an internet browser.

Well, since RPi is also a computer, why is it not possible to open a browser window in Volumio and connect to Spotify while using the attached DAC for output? Maybe an interface would be required.

Would Spotify notice that the (let’s say) Mozilla browser accessing its site is “under cover”?

So, why not?

Thanks for your explanations and answers!

Best regards from rainy Munich

I second this proposal, the Spotify plugin for Volumio is not that great to be honest. So I would really love to be able to open a browser to use the Spotify website interface etc. And the other benefit would be to use BBC sounds to catch up on radio programs I’ve missed from the last week or so. It’s a shame that by running Volumio we lose access to everything else we could be using our RPi for, or is there a way to do this currently that we’re not aware of?

Cheers from the changeable UK weather!


I think that Plugin Volumio Spotify Connect 2 does that.

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Volumio does not have a graphical x-window system.

This, or something similar, would be a really useful feature. I’d like to be able to play “BBC sounds” programmes where there is not a corresponding podcast.

Access to BBC sounds would be great - via a dedicated plugin or via a web browser.

Hola! aqui de Argentina, con todo mis respetos,usted abra que cuando instala volumio y llega a la ventana donde le piden una donacion, volumio Abre Chromiun para dicha tarea…
Si tiene navegador pero no nos dan la opcion de uso, que seria fantastico!
Muchas Gracias!

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