Wav files not displaying in albums

hi ive just bought virtuoso, the problem is my entire music library is in wav, i know the easiest thing to do is convert it to flac. The thing is i don’t see why i should have to, i’ve read plenty of posts going back many years regarding wav files being tagged correctly(mine was all done via dbpoweramp), without reply from volumio as to why you can’t fix this. I may be being petty but its a major bug bare to me and its making me wish i didn’t bother paying for virtuoso because of this issue, i would add i have used volumio free for many years on and off and its always had this problem with wav files. My high res music is flac which is what i initially imported to music library and then i payed for virtuoso then imported wav and my liking of volumio went down hill FAST. Please respond to my enquiry but don’t advise me to convert to flac it will just add to my annoyance. As you can tell i’m not to pleased.

I have your same issue.
I only use wav files, for many reasons I do not want to list here.
My solution was to put a cover.png file in each folder.
My library is organised in Albums, each folder is one album, each song is wav file.
This way Volumio works like a charms and it lightning fast, not having to dig into the wav files for cover arts.

Now how would you go about it? on Linux, you could use wvunpack to extract the cover art from the wav file, like in the following example

wvunpack -xx “Picture: Cover (Front)=file.jpg” -v test.wav

You would need to run this once on the first wav file of each folder, assuming all your wav files have cover art. This can be automated with a shell script, but if you have order of a few dozens of folders it’s quicker to go one by one by hand.

The extracted pictures then need to be converted from jpg to png, and you can do this in one shot from the top folder of your music library, by using the following command

find . -name “*.jpg” -exec mogrify -format png {} ;

finally delete all those useless .jpg files

find . -name “*.jpg” -exec rm -f {} ;

If what you read above is foreign to you, please wait for official support from Volumio, it is well due.