Vomlumio merges albums with same name but different year

Volumio merges albums by an artist that have the same name, but different years. My example is the Pink Floyd album Animals. I have both, the original one from 1977 and the 2023 remade album. When I play the complete Pink Floyd catalogue from my library it plays all albums by year, including the two Animals albums, so this works fine. The 2023 album does not have its own entry in my catalogue though. All files are within the 1977 album.

That’s correct. You could use mp3tag to change the album name of the updated album to ‘Animals 2023 Remix’, etc.

The title of the album is “Animals”. Why should I give it a different name?

I offered a solution to a problem, you can do as you like. However Volumio sorts by album name, so that’s the why.

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Thanks! I really appriciate your thoughts!

I know I can change the album title to make it unique, but that was not the point in writing about it in the bug report section. I just wanted to address this problem, hoping it will be fixed in a future version and wasn’t expecting a work-around.

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Not necessary a work around, but proper album naming IMHO. In order of appearance:
Animals Remaster
Animals Remix
Animals Limited Edition
Animals Reissue
Animals Reissue Gatefold
Animals Repressed Gatefold
Animals Reissue Remastered

Nah, it’s plain and simple “Animals”. I understand that it helps to add additional expressions for explanation - and I do this in the comment tag - but that’s not the title.

Anyways, there are other examples (lots of compilation albums named “No Alternative”) that face the same problem.

And, as I wrote above, all I wanted to do is pointing out this issue.

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When I have this situation, my convention is to add [Reissue] or [Remastered] or similar, as already suggested. It works and it’s informative, and simple.

I agree with @Allerwertester, renaming the album cannot be a solution; it’s not ‘philologically’ correct. The album and tracks remain the same; only the edition of the record changes. This is also important for scrobbling (for those who care about that): changing the album name would mean that the same tracks would be counted as different ones. It doesn’t make sense.