VolumioX - small desktop App for Linux,Windows and macOS

Hello friends,

in my free time I created a small VolumioX app, it’s multi-platform and is available for Linux, Windows and macOS users.

With this app you will see what is now playing on your Volumio, volume level, if Volumio is now playing something and if Volumio is On or Off you can control Play/Pause, Prev, Next, Mute, Volume down, Volume up

Screenshot Linux Manjaro:

Screenshot macOS Catalina:

App for Linux is distributed by AppImage(64-bit)…so you don’t need install nothing, only make file executable and app is working (It’s for all Linux distributions which are newest than Ubuntu 14.04/-include/)
Debian, Arch, Fedora…
Download: AppImage

App for Windows is 64-bit installer
Download: Setup.zip

App for macOS:
Download: VolumioX.zip

Guide: in application Settings set up your volumio ip address and click OK and enjoy it. IP address must be in format without http:// …for example:

if you find some bugs please post it here…
enjoy it :slight_smile:


Tested with Ubuntu 20.04
Can you give some details about the code ?

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it’s created with QtCreator and C++ nothing difficult :slight_smile:

Today I created new icons for UI:

here is AppImage for Linux: AppImage

for better control volume (+ or - 1) you can use arrows…


Works fine on iMac 21” 2019 with OSX 10.15, thanks a lot

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New GUI version for all operating systems here:
some screens:

Screenshot from 2020-06-29 20:20:02


Windows: VolumioX_Setup
macOS: VolumioX_macOS
Linux AppImage: VolumioX.appimage

Running good on Ubuntu 18.04. Nice, Thank you!!!

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Really looks a great little app! Thanks for doing it!

It needs a little bit of work for use on 4k monitors though:


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Looking at it, on a 4k screen, Windows 10 uses 150% scaling as the recommended/default option if that helps.

Otherwise its very tiny!

I have just been able to make this display properly on a Windows 10 box running at 4k resolution as follows:

  1. In file explorer, browse to where VolumioX is installed (C:\Program Files (x86)\VolumioX for me) and select the volumio.exe file, and right click it and “Create shortcut”.

  2. When prompted allow the system to make the shortcut on your desktop.

  3. Right click on the shortcut created on your desktop and go into “Properties”

  4. Navigate to the “Compatibility” tab and click the “Change high DPI settings” button.

  5. Check the “Use this setting to fix scaling problems for this program instead of the one in settings” and set the pull down to “I signed in to Windows”.

  6. The check the “Override high DPI scaling behaviour” box and set the second pull down to “System (Enhanced)”

  7. Click “Ok”.

Now if you run VolumioX it will display properly.

Hope this helps someone else!


great, thanks. working on my MacBook air running Catalina 10.15.4.

it would be awesome if this could be accessible via the menu bar!

in near future… :grinning:

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sweet! can’t wait to give it a try.

will be keen to test new versions as you release them.

great initiative and solid work so far!

Some news are here! :smiley:

What’s new?

  • minimize app to tray
  • remove Menu
  • new button for settings
  • new system tray icon menu -> when you click on tray icon right mouse button menu will be displayed
    if you wan’t close app you can do it throught tray icon menu…

Linux: AppImage
Windows: VolumioX.exe
macOS: VolumioX

some screens:

if you like it you can buy me a coffe. :slight_smile:
thanks so much! :slight_smile:


Nice update! Thank you very much!

If you have a wish list of things to do, can I suggest you add an option in settings to turn off the scrolling effect on the song title - I find sometimes the scrolling keeps catching my eye and distracting me!


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Super, it’s working on my new MacBook Air running 10.15.5.

The menu icon displays a drop down - show, hide and exit. All these functions work as expected.

It’d be nice if when you click on the menu icon the app just appears below it (like in your picture) then you can use the controls as you like. Then click it again to hide the app.

I’m not complaining please take this as constructive criticism - it’s your app, so do as you see best :slight_smile:

I very much appreciate having a little app to control Volumio without having to fire up my browser.

Cheers, from Belgium!

I understand to you but i don´t think that it is a posibble in mac os :slight_smile:

A really nice application!
Had some design doubts at the beginning but now I thing you are very close to the minimalistic design I like :smiley:

Very nice app. For some reason I cannot get the latest update to work on Windows 10 (rel. 2004).
It installs but does not connect after I enter the IP adr.

It does work if I install it as an update to one of the previous releases

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I stumbled onto your “X” app last night and thought it was just about time someone came up with such a solution on desktop - sure enough you came up with such an item and from the sound of it, quite the good solution.
Unfortunately for me, the idea of starting to use volumio and software like yours at 60yrs of age is not the simpliest of task. So this to say that I did not buy my streamer at one of the big shops or small one for that matter, I decided on assembling the right solution for me, which I’m satisfied with the overall result. I’m using either ASUS TinkerboardS or Khadas vim3L both combined with the Khadas Tone board and running Debian buster.
This said I’m not a programmer and my knowledge of computer was limited to that of a overly proud typist. My playing inside a computer OS and the forced, manual handling of software is something I had not considered until maybe 12 to 18 months ago. Now, whenever I ger the chance I go in and try to find solutions to simple problems, remember the difference between a “sudoer” and an “su” , etc (not the fs but the latin acronym).

The reason behind this too long reply is that I have installed your application but in the process got the following error message back: " cannot execute binary file: Exec format error" . It looks very straight forward but to me it means nothing seeing I thought that binary was the machine language and that it should be fine?
Anyhow if you have an idea as to what I might have done wrong, let me know 'cause I would really enjoy using your app solution.

what is your PC operating system where you try to install VolumioX?