VolumioUI connection refused


did a fresh install on a Pi B+, waited 20min for it to boot but all I get from chrome is “connection refused”, ssh gives me “connection refused”, IP adress is correct. Connected via ethernet, ping works with 0% packet loss. Any ideas? IP/dev gives me connection refused, IP:3000 gives me “refused”.

SSH is disabled by default - enable it by adding a ssh file in your boot partition and then hopefully you can look at your logs to figure stuff out :slight_smile:

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Already did so… -> connection refused.

I mounted the SD card on my laptop.

volumio-data consists of nearly empty folders.

volumio has four files in it.

seems wrong to me? maybe first boot was unsuccessful?

Seems that if this was a hardware fault. When disconnecting everything it worked. When reconnecting a 2,4Ghz remote the music stopped and WebUI would give “connection refused” while Pi is still pingable. strange.


Probably some conflict with the networking component - if you really want to debug, you should be able to drop into a serial console via the header pins!