Volumio's network helpful function - unknown

Hi All,

I need some help with investigating why for some unknown (for me ) reason Volumio is helping my old and crapy Cambridge Audio 752BD universal blueray player to see network shares (SMB).
Actually, its weird case .
I have home network which starts with LTEModem/Router (Ethernet+Wi-Fi) to which 5 port Netgear network switch and Asus Wi-FI router working as additiinal access point are connected through Ethernet. To the Nergear switch i have connected (all by cable) Samsung TV, Azur 752BD blueray player, Dell desktop PC (working as FileShares source SMB), NAD c658 streamer. After big fight with Windows and its firewalls and settings i was able to share some folders and there is no issues with firewal and user accouns. Basically excellent!
The problem is that old crapy Azur 752BD is unable to find any other devices in the same network (192.168.1.X/24) neither on cable connection nor Wi-Fi. So, no access to any files on network shares. Which is really annoing as it is excellent player able to play movies and PCM, DSD audio files despite its crapiness.
Problem quickly dissapears once Volumio (on Acer PC) connects to the network (Wi-Fi) … suddenly Azur starts to see other all the devices in the network and all shares on them, so I can reach all files exposed by my Library PC and those exposed by volumio.
I am entirely sure that network stack in my bluray player is not the best one (it is embeded linux probably) but it is able to work anyway (with support from external device - here Volumio on a PC).

So, now the question is what network service working on Volumio might be so helpful ?
It is just standard configuration with Network configured for ethernet and Wi-Fi with fallback configuration for Wi-Fi no custom DNS , all adapters use DHCP.

I do not exclude some problems with my network which topology is a little bit complicated but …knowing what Volumio does will help me to solve that problem.

Pawel Chmielewski

In short:
Volumio act as an UPNP/DNLA media server which is being picked up by the Cambridge.
On SMB part, since the Cambridge is an oldie, I expect it only supports Vers=1.0.
If you enable SMB V1, 2 on the windows PC, I expect that the Cambridge will find them.


Thanks for the reaction. I am not sure if it is the case here …really difficult to say. Yes, Cais an oldie wit SMB 1.0 support only (most likely). Might be that MS wnd Windows policy related to SMB (closing , limiting) ma be reason here. I will have to install some soft and device to track network trafffic and this will probably help. Actually, the only way to finally connect to Azure from Win 10 was loggin Win firewall… and yeh …many strange ports were in use. Once unblocked it started to work somehow. And also I think (as previously) network support in Azure 752BD is not the best one.
It is very annoing player but i like it due to some unique capabilities and sound quality.

BTW. As Azure 752BD is able to receive audio/video stream from hdmi source it works with volumio through hdmi. I use Acer Verition N2620G - very nice well equipped platform for Volumio…and cheap. …

Agree, pity about the fan though. After a couple of years the whirring becomes annoying. So watch out when buying 2nd hand/ refurbished ones.