Volumios bad behavier

I used Volunio since it started. Even donated to the project. The last versions do the following:
every 5(!) sec it trys to contact volumio servers. WtF???
The log of my pi-hole server is full of only this. Dont tell me its because updates.
Update is working even pi-hole blocks all atempts to contact their servers.
Sry…i dont like this kind of behavier. So I changed to ‘Moode player’.
Running two days now and not one atempt to go out.


Interesting and thanks for sharing. It would be nice to understand the reason for this.

Along this line, according to DuckDuckGo, the Volumio Android app works with Google and Facebook to attempt tracking of all sorts of privacy violating details.

Yeah, let’s start this one again…
Did you even read the topic on what is being collected, or do do you just belong to the group: “If DuckDuckgo says it, it must be true”?

I am unaware of the topic on what is being collected and certainly did not mean to duplicate a thread, if there is one. Regardless, I see no reason why Facebook should be attempting to collect anything in the Volumio app.

It is not like @volumio is hiding the info, there is a privacy link on every page where you can read their privacy policy.

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Thanks for both of those links and the information. It helps understand why and how.

I don’t think this is something by design, just run some numbers if every Volumio device is sending this volume of data it will be overwhelming and very expensive to receive, process and store all this data, just to get some stats about user behavior.

You can object the use of this data in the settings - systemsettings.