Volumiobuster-3.111-2021-10-08-pi-RC1 Download

Hello, I can’t download anything here?!

He tells me
404 Not Found


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Buster/v3 has been officially launched last December. Please don’t use the early Beta/RC images.

You can find the current stable image at

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ok ok thank you for the info, i still have this version

Raspberry Pi Volumio-3.015-2021-01-03-pi

there were almost all plugins inside with volumio 3. Is that still available in the current version?

the version of you doesn’t have all the plugins in the store

Please do not share early beta images from more than a year ago!
It leads to a lot of confusion and chaos. A lot of issues from those images have been fixed since.

W.t.r plugins, you can check on the status over at volumio/volumio-plugins-sources it has the most updated list of available plugins.


ok thank you :innocent: