[Volumiobuster-3.051-2021-03-06-pi USB Wifi Dongle Not Used / Recognized, OK with Volumio 2.xx]


Hope i am in the right section of the forum.
Usual system is Raspberry Pi 3 in with add-on systems Suptronics X5000k http://www.suptronics.com/miniPCkits/x5000k.html
DAC ES9023
Harddrive standard SATA
Addon USB Wifi Dongle TP-LINK WN823N (RTL8192 EU)

= Wifi USB dongle recognized and working with Volumio 2 (lastest version)
= Wifi USB dongle not working with Volumiobuster-3.051-2021-03-06-pi

Log http://logs.volumio.org/volumiobuster/OLGZYvH.html

Thanks in advance

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