Volumio3 Experimental UI Feedback Thread

i absolutely agree to chsims1’s point of view and suggestions.

BR Josef

Ah, I just had a few head scratching moments diving into ALSA and mixer configurations trying to understand why the volume wasn’t changing when I was clicking the circle!

I have used cocktail audio, nativ sound, other stand alone hi res player and so far I really enjoy Volumio over the past 2 years and all the new features coming out but there is something missing that would help people with large libraries.

Quick navigation to first letter of the artist, like how Plex app has, so you can scroll or click like S to find Styx etc. And can there be a feature to show the file type and bit rate like you see when your playing. In case you have mono version, flac, different bitrates.

Besides that I really enjoy the Volumio 3 interface.

I completely agree with you!

We tried to add index navigation by letter, so far no good… But we realize that its an important thing and we’ll try our best :wink:

i was thinking like floating div, using webkit with 14 buttons shrinking the width of the artist cell. 0-9 A-B etc, small text/graphic, then when hovered it enlarges.

For the additional information when you are in a album, adding file type, bitrate. Do a file scan and add information to the album track view.

Are you a FE developer? Do you know how it can be done?

On each track you can see what the bitrate and file type. I have different mastering of songs and you have to play one to see what quality is, and bounce around.

Depending on the resolution on the device displaying the page, a popup button could also work. [0-9 - Z] like a square box you click the letter and it takes you to the letter of the artist you selected.

I would like to thank all the developers for staying on top of this project and striving to continue to make it better. For so long people have been trapped using iTunes, Jrivers, or buying overpriced buggy,unfinished, lack of updates HIfi music systems, I’ve used Olive music servers, Cocktail Audio and the worst player ever Nativ Vita. Volumio is simple, works perfectly


Good! It would be interesting to have the bitrate also in the album view, since in an album normally the tracks have the same bitrate. The choice by letter of the alphabet is also excellent!

2 questions: can you get in touch with us at info at volumio dot org ?
then I am really curious to hear what you did not like about Nativ VITA, I always looked at it as a wonderful piece of design…

Another Idea, I used ABC blocks for button to popup a selector window

Use the mouse or finger on touch screen to slide the bar to the selector to pick the letter you want. After you release the webpage goes to that letter.

When you lets say looking at steve miller band, you click back, it takes you back to the top of the list. Possible to return on the section you were looking at.

I look forward for this feature! Awesome!
With a library of more than 1000 albums this a must for me.
Is there any way to implement this in my present volumio version ?

If just remove the circle :slight_smile: it will be just awesome


There are two things that keep me from using volumio… I keep trying it now and then and while I love the sound… the user experience frustrates me bad. I use this in a car and compete in competition.

This is on the alternative display.

  1. If I’m in say tidal… nav to a playlist… Find a song and play it … it will not play from there. It goes back to some other list. Will not play the next songs in that playlist…

2 The next and back buttons need spread out and moved away from track progress bar… Impossible to use while driving! The default display is better but I can’t reach those without leaning way forward.

I’d like to try this but I only get the Classic/Contemporary options, no V3. Am I missing a setting somewhere else?


V3 was the codename for contemporary UI :wink:

Hi together,
I have some little Suggestions for small landscape resolutions here


Only a suggestion for better usibility.